Drupal module development

Back-end module development is my primary focus. This is what I like to do the most and what I've been doing quite often in the past few years.

Almost every site needs at least a small helper module, some might have more complex custom requirements. I can help you with creating custom modules to solve these special needs.
Absolutely no hacking around in the theme layer, in template files or template.php, if a custom module is needed, I can create it for you.
This is what I've done in the past few years:

  • creating small helper modules to modify HTML output or override certain default functionalities, forms, etc.
  • migrating content into Drupal with the Migrate module
  • writing modules that work together with Views, Rules, Panels, Commerce, Context, Relation, Entity API, JS module (fast AJAX calls)
  • using the core APIs: Form, Database, Field, Batch, Block, Schema, etc.

Drush, features, install profiles, make files

This is all about making you more effective by helping you to do complex things with just a few commands in the command line interface.

I can help you with:

  • creating custom drush scripts, commands (e.g. see this post about a custom drush script)
  • creating features & makefiles (e.g. see this post about a custom slideshow feature)
  • creating install profiles & makefiles

Drupal theming and sitebuild

I used to do CSS and jQuery a lot, nowadays I'm doing more back-end jobs, however every now and then a front-end project still finds me.

  • PSD to custom Drupal theme (CSS, jQuery)
  • Site building with contrib modules
  • PHP on the theme layer: preprocess functions, template files, theme function overrides
  • hook_theme implementations in custom modules